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Title: Janna A/P Koran

Year: 2017

Words in the Drawing: “Last time, when I stayed at the chalet, I had difficulty to move around. There was one Indian who came over to assist me every day. Now I am staying at the ward. The doctors do not allow me to be discharged to go back to chalet. I have a son and two daughters. My children also advise me not to be discharged because there are nurses here to take care of me. All my children have got married and they always visit me. They feed me every day. Previously when I stayed alone, I could cook my own meal. Now I can only sit here and do nothing. This drawing is not nice at all. It is about a leprosy patient and everyone is scared of her. ”

Size: 17.5cm X 15.2cm

Location: The Valley of Hope Story Gallery

Owner: Janna

Copyright: Janna